A perfect day


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Santa Romana is a dream location and is the perfect place to make every celebration memorable, in an exclusive natural environment with charm, surrounded by green gardens, you can enjoy the best views of the coast of Barcelona.

Luxury and comfort


Santa Romana offers a unique and special environment where to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Mediterranean. The bride and groom can enjoy an exclusive place and a family atmosphere where they can celebrate the pre-wedding, wedding, and even share confidences the day after in the pool with their family and guests, who can also stay in one of the apartments of the estate. This idyllic space also offers the option for the bride and groom to stay in one of the luxury suites of the main house.

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Group 5
Just a dream



We know how important it is that this long-awaited day goes perfectly, so the different spaces allow us to get the assembly that best suits your needs for that day to be unique and unforgettable in every way. At Santa Romana we work with the best suppliers, and we take care of every detail. The charm of Santa Romana and the personalized attention of our team will make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Included services

The following services are included during the event day:

Exclusivity of the contracted space
Cleaning service during the event
Security service
Luggage storage area
Own lighting
Parking management service

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Sabemos la importancia de que ese día tan esperado salga a la perfección, por eso, los diferentes espacios nos permiten conseguir el montaje que más se adapte a vuestras necesidades para que ese día sea único e inolvidable, en todos los sentidos.


Desde Santa Romana trabajamos con los mejores proveedores, y nos encargamos de cuidar de cada detalle para conseguir vuestra boda soñada.